angela williams


angela williams

1871 and BBDO teamed up to help launch startup brand GoNanny.  We were responsible for establishing their brand and for launching a full creative campaign.


Brand Book


Digital Package



First Day of School Step and Repeat

Families can take photos outside of partner schools and post them on social media to share with friends and relatives.  They will also receive a box of GoNanny table topics to make family dinners more fun.

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Table Topics

Table topics invites families to exchange their cellphones for a card that contains funny dinner topics to talk about at dinner time. If you could invent a flavor of toothpaste what would it be?

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You Are Doing Just Fine

Based on feedback from our focus groups, Dads leave "family care" to their wives because they feel that they will "mess things up". We will place pop up ads on popular Mom blogs encouraging Moms to post a video message on their partner's Facebook page to let them know that they are doing just fine and have the kids get in on the fun.

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Let's Connect

When families travel together they tend to disconnect and listen to their own devices. We will place branded dual earbud adapters on airline ticket counters to introduce families to GoNanny and encourage them to reconnect with family.

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