angela williams


angela williams

Any artist, regardless of origin, who has tried to 'make it' - who has ever tried to be shown in an important art exhibition, establish gallery representation or get any kind of critical review - will recognize the difficulty of breaking into the art world. A recent AAMD survey shows that it is eight times more difficult for an artist of color.  The Art Hoe Collective was started to provide a community for all creatives regardless of background. In support of this mission, we imagined art spaces being created out of and into thin air and giving artists an opportunity of a lifetime.


We will partner with The Art Hoe Collective, the City of Chicago Museums,and architect Tomaso Boana to transform the rooftops of urban apartment buildings in Bronzeville into pop up art studios to promote greater diversity in the arts and give minority artists an opportunity to show their work in local museums.

Studios designed by Tomaso Boana & Jonaso Boana


Artists can locate pop studio spaces using the Art Hoe Co GPS APP

Out Of Home

Artists will be able to load completed works to to enter a contest to have their work shown in Chicago Museums around the metro area.  Chicagoans will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite artists via giant digital Instagram screens.  

Digital Museum in The Museum

The top 50 artists with the most "likes" to their "insta-gallery"will be featured in digital museum exhibitions in Chicagoland museums across the city during Art Week.