A Manifesto for Victoria's Secret

We stand in the glow of Amandla Stenberg, Hiliary Clinton and Beyonce in a white Tee and Adidas. We live with our cameras slung over our shoulders, strategy docs in our clutch and our resumes on Instagram… daring the world to judge.

We like to work for and spend money with companies that stand for something. If we can’t find them we create our own. We believe that beauty is by our own definition and find it condescending when brands try to sell us their version of what it is.  We value diversity of thought and expression, body type and sexual orientation... living by rules we create and breaking those that seek to confine us.  

We know that we are sexy and don’t need you to tell us.  What we do need, is for you to recognize that sexy is more than skin.  To us, sexy is living with purpose and all the ways we can make the world notice and honor the fact that we are here.  

We don’t want to force the world to change, we will gladly awestruck it into submission.  We are beautiful, complicated, funny, artistic, young, awkward and socially conscious women and we are okay with all of it.  So we need the things that we wear underneath our armor to be pretty, affordable and we need them to hold everything together while we do this damn thing.  We need you to rise, embrace our evolution and truly become the "new sexy" you claim to be.