Nike has been in front of its “competition” for so long, they have never bothered to look back. Although other sneaker brands are in the same industry as Nike, they have never been in the same league.  The brand has been a part of gridiron, blacktop and championship legacy for decades.  Now its exalted status is being challenged by the quiet yet brewing revolution of Adidas.

Today, Jefferies analyst Randal Konik, cut Nike Inc. down from “Buy” to “Hold” as the occult following of Adidas AG continues to rise.

His “fighting words” that Adidas was the better brand revolved around multiple data sources, analysis of traffic on Nike and Adidas sites, secondary sneaker data...yada, yada, yada.  Despite this, we still weren't convinced.  He might have "his people" but we got people too. So we rounded up a group of millennials and centennials on Google Hangouts to get to the bottom of this nonsense.

We asked them to describe the two brands in their own words and this is what they said:

Nike is like the innovative music streaming service. Adidas is the crate of vinyl records in the basement.  Nike is Michael Jackson, but Adidas is Prince.  They described Nike as a performance brand while Adidas claimed the coveted lifestyle brand title. When asked which brand offered better style options, comfort and affordability? Adidas…Adidas… Adidas!  Oh and they couldn’t stop talking about the “Original is Never Finished" spot that Adidas released earlier this year. It seems that Adidas resonated more with this niche demo because dare I say it - they thought Adidas was cooler.

While we wait for Gen-X Nike sneaker heads to calm down and take their medication, it looks like to our dismay Adidas won this round.  And trust me, we in Michael Jordan Country, are not happy!