Girls Aren't Normal

Just by being, I challenge the notion that light and darkness can not operate within the same space.  I move through pitch black with sheer WILL shinning like a brilliant force field, protecting me as I wrestle impossibility to the ground - all without ever wrinkling my dress.

I grin with a sheepish audacity that people often mistake for innocence, unaware that i’m just planning my next move.  Did you know that by the time I reach high school I will have 1.3 million fewer opportunities to play sports than a boy but will have the nerve to morph into the likes of a Serena Williams anyway.?  A normal person can’t do that.

Oh yeah…my humility often fools grown ups too.  They mistake it for low self esteem or fear of taking risks and constantly try to "Jedi mind trick" me into believing the hype with “girly girl, self esteem Ad campaigns”. But according to a recent Time Magazine study and 308 other ones, adolescent girls like me have been out performing boys in school in all subjects — reading, language AND math and science for a cool century -  defying conventional wisdom that boys are better at math and science than me.  While it is true that mommies only represent 24% of workers in STEM today, this doesn’t sound like an ability problem but more like an access problem to me (in my Emmy Noether voice). I think maybe the ad campaigns should be about that. But what do I know..I’m just a girl.

And despite popular belief…I am a serious gamer. A study by the University of Sussex revealed that I am better at computer programming than boys, and create more complex coding systems when designing 3D role playing games.  However when I grow up I get to look forward to my coding suggestions being accepted 79% percent of the time compared to 75% percent of the time for men but only if my gender is unknown.

But despite all this I still excel.  I still move mountains and still change worlds. I still keep coming and will not stop until I become who I was created to be.  Now does this sound like a normal person to you?

In honor of Women's Equality Day, August 26, 2017